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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is defined as the process of increasing targeted traffic to a website through an increase in organic ranking in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In a world where technology consistently makes everyone’s lives easier, consumers tend to turn to the advice of search engines when researching products or services that they need. Google and Yahoo combined provide users with 1.4 billion search daily. In order to attract the attention of each and every potential customer, it is vital to rank organically in these search engines for industry related keyterms. When it comes to search engine optimization, Birmingham SEO firms are among the best in the world at building authority to a website.

If a company is intending to attract attention to their website through search engines, ranking at the top of search engines for targeted search terms is extraordinarily important. According to a recent study leaked by AOL, 42.13% of Google users will click on the first result in an organic search. 11.90% of search engine users click on the second result, 8.50% of users click on the third result, and the results continue to decrease from there. Only 10.18% of Google users ever go on to the second page. According to this in-depth study, increasing your ranking from the ninth spot to the first spot in Google will increase your traffic by 1400% for that search term!

An effective SEO strategy involves more than simply ranking our client’s websites at the top of search engines for our targeted key-phrases. A powerful SEO strategy will provide a trail of positive reviews and high recommendations on behalf of our client’s website. Our SEO experts will thoroughly research our target demographic to develop an understanding of where they seek information relating to our industry and insert glowing endorsements for our clients. The newly educated and convinced customer feels a sense of comfort taking the advice of a real human rather than blindly following an advertisement. Not by coincidence, these informative web 2.0 properties (blog sites, forum posts, article directories, etc.) will rank exceptionally well in organic searches for targeted keywords. Our clients can rest easy knowing that the highest ranking reviews in their industry will all contain an exceptional promotion of their website.

While many companies offer search engine optimization services, at Sakina, our persistence and desire to learn separates us from our competition. Google adjusts their search algorithm on an almost daily basis, making SEO tactics dating back even a few years more or less irrelevant. Our analysts are constantly researching the regular changes in Google’s algorithm and experimenting with new tactics to better understand what search engines view as important and what tactics they will support in the future. As a Birmingham SEO company, we view it as our responsibility to constantly experiment and research Google’s changes and the changes of our client’s competitors. This will allow all of our clients to stay ahead of the game in terms of search engine optimization and not ever have to worry about falling behind.


Examples of targeted SEO:

In terms of demographic targeting, SEO can be broken down into four separate categories: Local SEO, National SEO, International SEO, and Mobile SEO.

Local SEO

Localized search engine optimization is an extremely advantageous opportunity for companies whose target demographic is focused on a single city or state. Especially in competitive industries, it is much easier to rank number one for “Birmingham Personal Injury Attorneys” than to rank nationally for “Personal Injury Attorneys.” If a client is not going to be capable of pursuing clients outside of a single state, attempting to rank nationally would not prove to be an effective strategy. Local SEO is very beneficial when search engine users consistently enter keywords which include local references or when a user is logged in his or her own Google accounts and is located in our clients vicinity.

National SEO

Companies who are looking to expand their brand recognition or promote products and services to different regions of the country should focus their efforts on developing a National SEO strategy. A National SEO campaign would aim at ranking number one in search engines whenever anyone in the United States entered our targeted keywords (i.e. “Personal Injury Lawyer”). These strategies will typically target highly relevant long-tail keywords (i.e. “the best Personal Injury attorneys”) which encompass our client’s industry’s most coveted keyterms. Targeting long-tail keywords will allow our client’s to experience short-term success while we create a long-term solution. National SEO campaigns are highly competitive and can sometimes take as long as 6-8 months to reach our goals. Our estimates tend to run more on the pessimistic side, as we consistently beat our own expectations.

International SEO

Any business that is looking to earn a position as a legitimate player internationally in any competitive industry would benefit heavily from an energetic international SEO strategy. In a study conducted in 2009, China possessed 384 million internet users, India accounted for 81 million, Japan had 93 million, and Brazil was represented by 68 million users. The United States stands out ahead with 223 million internet users, but these other countries are increasing at much higher rates. Globalization has resulted in internet use becoming as common globally as it has been for years in America.

When conducting business with international clientele, it is important to remember that the German Yahoo and Indian Google are just as important as American Google. When foreign speakers are searching for information, they ask search engines just like anyone else. Translating a website to be read in many major languages will allow for search engines in foreign countries to accept our client’s website as a relevant source of information in a country where English is not widely used.

International SEO begins by developing a National SEO strategy and targeting the countries in which our client stands the best chance of success. Once a country has been targeted, we begin our process to translate the website into our chosen languages and submit the site to the country’s most relevant search engines. Our team of talented SEO experts will then begin promoting our client’s website by accumulating a strategic collection of high PR backlinks from websites with attractive tdls (.edu, .in, .fr, .ru, etc.). For international SEO campaigns, we focus on attracting attention in multiple countries simultaneously.

Mobile SEO

Most international studies indicate that by the year 2014, mobile web use will meet and surpass PC web use. Mobile SEO is now just as important as a local or national SEO campaign. The first step in implementing a mobile SEO strategy would involve creating a mobile template to ensure that the website is properly integrated for mobile browsers. Once our client’s website is designed for search engines, we will begin submitting the website to mobile search engines and creating highly relevant backlinks to ensure that the website is recognized in mobile searches.